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SwedNMR is a research infrastructure supported by the national research council VR-RFI and the 10 participating universities. SwedNMR provides access to state-of-the-art NMR instrumentation as well as expert support in all fields of NMR spectroscopy.

How to acknowledge SwedNMR in publications:

SwedNMR is acknowledged for support, in particular XXX at the University YYY is acknowledged for support.


SwedNMR Uppsala NMR meeting,

May 13 - 15, 2024

SwedNMR Nucleic Acid Node moves to Uppsala University

August 2023

The group of Katja Petzold with their expertise and equipment for studies of Nucleic Acids is at Uppsala University.

Symposium and the inauguration of world-unique combined solid-state NMR equipment, MAS CryoNMR Probe + Ultrafast MAS NMR Probe

November 2023




Integrated structural biology course, SciLifeLab, September 2 - 12, Lund/Göteborg/Linköping/Stockholm

Fachgruppe Magnetische Resonanz (FGMR), September 9 - 12, Rostock, Germany

Biomolecular NMR: Advanced Tools, protein dynamics. An advanced hands-on PhD course (3 ECTS), Swedish NMR Centre at University of Gothenburg, September 30 - October 4, Göteborg.

Topical Meeting in DNP and paramagnetic NMR in solids, 2024, October 17-18, Stockholm

R-NMR, July 1, 2022 - June 30, 2025.

Sweprot, 27th Swedish Conference on Macromolecular Structure and Function, June 14-17, Tällberg

Course in Advanced NMR spectroscopy, April - June, Lund

Topical Meeting in quantitative 2D HSQC, June 4 - 5, Uppsala

SwedNMR Uppsala NMR meeting, May 13 - 15, Uppsala

Metabolomics in Life Science, January 30 - 31, Umeå


Integrated Structural Biology third users meeting, December 6, Stockholm

Workshop on Solid-State NMR in Materials Research, November 27-28, Stockholm 

Inauguration and Symposium on Ultra Fast and Cryo Magic Angle Spinning, November 16, Umeå

PANACEA Second annual Users meeting, November 14 - 16, Florence, Italy

Biomolecular NMR: Advanced Tools, Machine Learning, September, 25-29, Gothenburg

Integrated Structural Biology workshop, August 23 - 24, on zoom

EBSA congress, July 31-August 4, Stockholm

NMR methods for Biomolecules - a deeper dive, July 31, Stockholm

EUROMAR, July 9-13, 2023, Glasgow, UK

NMR - a tool for biology, XIIIth International conference, Institute Pasteur, May 15-17, Paris, France

Mini-Symposium in Metabolomics, May 9, Linköping

Workshop in Metabolomics, May 8-12, Linköping

SwedNMR Annual Users Meeting, May 3-5, Uppsala, 

SwedNMR Topical Meeting on Biomacromolecular Dynamics by 15N NMR Relaxation, Lund, April 18-19

NMR in Biological Mechanisms,March 27-31, Keystone Symposia in Hannover, Germany, (cancelled)

SwedNMR Topical Meeting on Large Proteins/MethylNMR,

March 13-14, Gothenburg

Application of NMR spectroscopy for Protein Structure Elucidation (Zoom Lectures), February 6-16, Uppsala

SwedNMR Topical Meeting on Non-uniform Sampling, January 16-17, Gothenburg


SciLifeLab Integrated Structural Biology symposium, December 12, Stockholm 

SwedNMR Digital Mini Symposium on non-uniform sampling, December 6, Gothenburg

SwedNMR annual meeting, October 4 - 6, Gothenburg

Biomolecular NMR: Advanced Tools, Machine Learning, September 26 - 30,  Gothenburg

Alpine NMR Conference, September 4-8, Chamonix, France

Integrated Structural Biology course, August 22 - September 2, Lund/Gothenburg/Stockholm

ICMRBS, August 21 - 25, Boston, USA

EUROMAR, July 10 - 14, Utrecht, The Netherlands

EMBO workshop. RNS: Structure meets function, June 27 - July 1, Åkersberga

25th Swedish Conference on Macromolecular Structure and Function, June 17-20, Tällberg

NMR Uppsala Symposium, May 4 - 5, Uppsala

NMR: a tool for Biology, May 2 - 4, Institute Pasteur, Paris, France

ENC, April 22 - 29, Orlando, Florida, USA