Lund University

600 MHz


Bruker Avance NEO, 4 channels


  • 5mm QCI(P) Z-gradient CryoProbe 1H-19F/13C/15N/31P  

800 MHz


Bruker Avance NEO, 4 channels


  • 5 mm TCI Z-gradient CryoProbe (1H optimized 5mm triple resonance TCI CryoProbe designed for 1H observation with 13C and/or 15N decoupling, and for 13C and 15N observation with 1H decoupling. Cooled preamplifiers for 1H, 13C, 15N and 2H.)
  • MAS probe

Specialized service that we typically perform for/with academic groups and companies, nationally and internationally:

  • Relaxation experiments characterizing slow-to-fast protein dynamics (CPMG or R relaxation dispersion, CEST, R1, R2, hetNOE, etc)

  • Protein resonance assignment
  • Protein – ligand interaction mapping

Access / Core facility experience: 

The LU NMR facility

Access to NMR equipment at LU (both internal and external users) is requested by contacting Göran Carlström ( 

Competence and personnel

Dr Mikael Akke, Prof Physical Chemistry:  35 years of experience using NMR to study protein structure, dynamics and interactions. 

Dr Göran Carlström, principal research engineer, NMR facility manager, 40 years of experience in NMR spectroscopy.