Karolinska Institutet

600 MHz


Bruker Avance III HD 4 channels


  • 5 mm QCI cryoprobe (1H &31P/13C/15N), -40 - +80 C
  • 1.7mm TCI cry-probe (1H &13C/15N), 0 - +80 C
  • 5 mm SmartProbe (BB/1H)

Other accessories

Cooled SampleChanger, 24 individual samples

Specialized service that we typically are contacted for by academic groups and companies, nationally and world wide:

  • R1ρ relaxation-dispersion measurements, NMR dynamics on 1H
  • RNA structural biology & dynamics
  • in-cell NMR of nucleic acids (liquid-state and DNP-solid-state)


Competence and personell

Assoc. Prof. Katja Petzold: ~ 15 years of experience with medical system, nucleic-acid NMR and method development