Topical Meeting in Biomacromolecular Dynamics by 15N NMR relaxation

Lund, April 18-19, 2023


April 18

12:00   Lunch

13:00  Brief theoretical background: molecular dynamics, stochastic processes, correlation function, spectral density function, model-free formalism, relaxation rate constants

15:00  Coffee

15:30  Exercises: interactive exploration of relationships between molecular dynamics and relaxation rate constants (molecular size, diffusion tensor anisotropy, S2, etc)

16:00  Pulse sequences: basic building blocks and experimental design, constraints, critical aspects, etc.

17:00  End day 1, check-in hotel, etc.

19:00  Dinner, discussions


April 19

09:00  Practical training on spectrometers (Bruker NEO, Topspin 4): setting up experiments, best practices, optimizing experiments (spectral parameters, recycle delays, pulse shapes, lengths and power levels, relaxation time points (length, number), etc.

10:00   Coffee

10:15  Practical training: data processing, evaluating intensities and baseplane noise, estimating uncertainties, etc.

12:00   Lunch

13:00  Practical training (using pre-recorded data sets): analyzing data in terms of rotational diffusion tensor, model-free analysis, etc.

15:00  Coffee

15:15   Practical training, continued

16:30  Wrap-up

17:00  End



Expected prior experience:

Basic knowledge of NMR spectroscopy. Being able to perform NMR experiments. Familiarity with Topspin (or VNMRJ).



Assigned reading prior to course:

  1. Keeler J. “Understanding NMR spectroscopy”, 2nd Ed., ch 8.

  2. Ferrage F. “Protein Dynamics by 15N Nuclear Magnetic Relaxation” in “Protein NMR Techniques”, ch 9, Methods in Molecular Biology, vol 831, doi:10.1007/978-1-61779-480-3_9