Workshop on NMR in Materials

Solid-State NMR in Materials Research

National Workshop

NMR spectroscopy is a unique method with many avenues to relevant structural and dynamical information spanning over many orders of magnitude on either length or time scales. What makes NMR exceptional in materials research? What is the type of insight NMR can provide in selected groups of materials? How can it be combined with other structural methods?

To find out, save the date for the Workshop on Solid-state NMR in Materials Research that will be held at KTH and Stockholm University on 27-28 November 2023.

The workshop is going to be user-oriented with the primary goal of engaging material scientists in industry and academia who so far have not regarded NMR as a significant part of their methodological portfolio. At the same time, there will be an opportunity to connect to experienced users and specialists.

The workshop is organized by SwedNMR, the national infrastructure for NMR spectroscopy (

Time: from Monday 27 November at 12:00 to Tuesday 28 November at 17:00, 2023.

Location: Stockholm, KTH/SU campus

Contacts: Sergey Dvinskikh (, Niklas Hedin (

Program Highlights

The workshop is going to be modular with regard to broad material types. In a short methodology section, Solid-state NMR methods will be introduced at a very basic level with an emphasis on the information content. The modules containing tutorials and lectures sessions will cover:

  • materials for electric energy storage and conversion (incl batteries, fuel cells, etc),

  • wood-based materials,

  • soft matter and pharmaceutical formulations (incl hydrogels and porous systems),

  • inorganic materials and nanomaterials.

Detailed program to be announced.