Metabolomics services

The metabolomics expertise within SwedNMR is distributed at four different sites. Together we have expertise and experience with a large array of sample types, sample preparations and data analysis methods. We support users from academia as well as clinicians and biotech companies. We welcome all types of metabolomics projects and offer different levels of support, from consulting to service and collaborations. Contact information and more information about each site can be found below.

University of Gothenburg

This site is one of the primary access sites for users. Experience with a wide variety of biofluids such as serum and plasma from both human and other organisms (pig, bovine, mouse, rat), urine, CSF and saliva. We have experience with other matrices as well, such as tissue and cell extracts from various organisms. We are using IVDr (in vitro diagnostics for research), a standardized protocol used at different labs developed to ensure reproducible and reliable quantifications of selected metabolites important for many clinical studies.


Anders Bay Nord

Contact person: Anders Bay Nord


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Umeå University

We have experience with metabolomics studies of body fluids (blood, urine, saliva, lymph and rumen) but are also specialized in tissue analysis using HR-MAS (High Resolution Magic Angle Spinning) that allows for characterization of intact tissue samples that could be used for further studies after NMR analysis, such as histopathological studies.

We also perform studies on other material such as peat, soil, wood, coffee and cell media.


Mattias Hedenström

Contact person: Mattias Hedenström


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SLU (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences), Uppsala

We serve as an expert node within SwedNMR and can support the access nodes with expertise on the topic of NMR-based metabolomics, including data analysis and method development. We have a broad experience in NMR-based metabolomics of different sample types (e.g., body fluids and plants/crops), including different methods for sample preparation (e.g., ultrafiltration and extractions), experiments adapted for metabolomics (e.g., standards 1D 1H, CPMG, diffusion, and suppression of unwanted signals,…) and data analysis (e.g., airPLS, AQuA, ASCIS, and ChenomX). We continuously collaborate with local academic research groups applying metabolomics.

Hanna Eriksson-Röhnisch

Contact person: Hanna Eriksson-Röhnisch


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Linköping University


Contact person: Alexandra Ahlner






Project applications and costs

Project application page


Cost model


Cost model


10h free staff time for service projects, 40h for collaborative projects

In excess of that time, 700SEK/h staff time


150SEK/sample (non-IVDr) or 200SEK/sample (IVDr)


300 SEK per sample for tissues